Ingram for State Senate

I’d like to announce my candidacy as a Democrat for State Senate from Chittenden County. I’m currently serving my fifth year on the Williston Selectboard, after five years on the Williston Planning Commission. I think of myself as a public servant, not a politician, because that was the way I was brought up – my… Read More »

Railway development concerns

Recently, I have listened to the links to the last two Shelburne Select board meetings regarding the Vermont Rail System’s proposed facility. I understand how the preemption issue complicates the issue of this rail project, but while Vermont Rail had its success with preemption of Act 250 back in 2005, my understanding is that if… Read More »

Dear Hinesburg residents,

Dear Hinesburg residents, I thought I should let Hinesburg voters know that I do not plan to run for re-election to the Selectboard this coming March. I’ve been honored to serve the community as a member of the board for the past seventeen years, but am ready for a change. I’ve had the good fortune… Read More »

More on the case against fluoride

Paging through my Dec. 21 issue of The Nation, I came across an excellent article about a man I have had the pleasure of talking with twice in my life, Ralph Nader. In this article, he asked two important questions, “Is it wrong to talk about defective cars, diseased meats, corporate cheating? Is it really distasteful that… Read More »

Concerns about fluoride

Ah, the road well-traveled where those who choose it find themselves going along to get along. Travelers on this road tend to ask few questions and are eager to march along a path dictated and endorsed by government and professional organizations.  Absorbing endorsements without questioning their origin or seeking full understanding of health concerns has… Read More »

Legislative Intent of Act 46

The State Board of Education interpretation of Act 46 and the underlying school choice statuses does not allow for all districts in Vermont to comply with Act 46 and retain choice. I believe that the interpretation stifles the ability of local communities to be innovative and creative in complying with Act 46. It was, and… Read More »

Letters to the Editor

Engaging Vermont kids in and out of the classroom The end of summer and the beginning of another school year is an important milestone in the life of each child. For many Vermont kids, this summer was likely a time of rich experience and opportunity, with travel to a new place, quality time with family… Read More »

Social workers have challenging, unappreciated jobs

Social workers have challenging, unappreciated jobs Dear editor, Recent tragic events in Barre and Berlin, have prompted community wide discussion about the role of social workers who work for the Vermont Department for Children and Families. These conversations and tragic events have prompted me to write this letter to my fellow community members. DCF social workers have… Read More »

Letters to the Editor

Vermont’s new climate agreements will boost our battle against climate disruption When Vermonters see a problem, we work to fix it. That is why earlier this year Vermont signed onto two historic climate agreements which will strengthen our state’s resolve to combat carbon pollution and transition to a new clean energy economy. In April, Governor… Read More »