‘Wanton waste’ killing vs. safeguarding wildlife — Brenna Galdenzi

UVM’s Center for Rural Studies included the following question in their 2017 Vermonter Poll: “Vermont wildlife policies allow certain species, including coyotes, crows, porcupines, skunks and weasels to be killed without limit even when there is no intent to consume or use the remains. This is called ‘wanton waste’ killing. Should Vermont wildlife policies prohibit… Read More »

More Vermonters need to weigh in on wildlife issues — Lark Shields

I recently attended the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules meeting in Montpelier in regard to allowing extending otter season for trappers. I really wanted to see how the process works. Protect Our Wildlife has been on the forefront of calling out the Fish and Wildlife Department for allowing trappers to put forth frivolous petitions to… Read More »

Youth Catalytics grant rescission short-sighted

The recent abrupt rescission by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services of $2.25 million in grant funds to develop evidence-based and effective pregnancy prevention programs for youth is alarming. (Charlotte nonprofit loses $2.25 million in federal budget cut, Aug. 3) Charlotte-based Youth Catalytics and its collaborators excel in using scientific findings to develop… Read More »

Excess bunnies — Victoria Lariviere

As you may have noticed, the wild rabbit population in Vermont is unusually high this year. With this increase in the bunny population, our paths are more likely cross with theirs. Two main issues to be prepared for are how to discourage bunnies from damaging your vegetable and flower gardens, and what to do if… Read More »

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