Democracy is our responsibility

MIKE YANTACHKA Celebrating our nation’s birthday on July 4th reminds us how lucky we are to live in a country built on democracy. We must also remember that our democracy was formed and is maintained by active participation of the governed – namely, us. When we see that our government is taking us in a… Read More »

Reproductive Rights are Civil Rights

ELIZABETH DEUTSCH Elizabeth Deutsch, RN is the Director of NYS and New England Community Mobilization Housing Works and a resident of Hinesburg. As a mother and a nurse, I am able to say that every pregnancy is unique, and every person’s circumstance is different. We all deserve access to health care based on our medical… Read More »

Trust women know what’s best regarding their health care decisions

Rev. SUSAN COOKE KITTREDGE Cooke Kittredge, a resident of Shelburne, is the Associate Pastor at Charlotte Congregational Church. Op-ed is adapted from her commentary that ran on Vermont Public Radio April 4. People of faith are obliged to wrestle with thorny contemporary problems; it’s in our job description. The issues that affect people in this… Read More »

Viewpoint: Appreciate your neighboring farm

BERNIE GUILLEMTTE Bernie Guillemette is a second generation farmer in Shelburne. My family has farmed our land here in Shelburne for more than 70 years. It’s part of our DNA. And our fields are part of the fabric of the landscape that is beyond beautiful. It’s no wonder it’s a lure for many when they… Read More »

It’s time to close the women’s prison

By BILL SCHUBART Editor’s note: This commentary is by Bill Schubart, a regular commentator for Vermont Public Radio who lives in Hinesburg. This piece was first aired on VPR. As the Legislature and the Department of Corrections consider how to repatriate the Vermont prisoners housed in Mississippi, several legislators see the larger picture. We don’t… Read More »

Respect, protect and support our elders

By Vt. Attorney General T. J. DONOVAN Just as young parents rightly prioritize the health and well-being of our children, at mid-life we also begin thinking more about the health and well-being of our own parents. By 2030, Vermont will be one of the oldest states – if not the oldest state – in the… Read More »

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