View from the Bench: How pro bono works

SUZANNE BROWN After 32 years as a practicing attorney handling various family issues, I now sit “behind the bench” serving as one of the two Chittenden Superior Court Assistant Judges. Thank you for electing me to this four-year term position. Family Court is a very busy court. I’m sure that you may have friends or… Read More »

Seatbelts, clean water and medications

Rep. MIKE YANTACHKA The end of the legislative session is getting closer, and in the last week the House passed several Senate bills with amendments. If the Senate does not concur with the House amendments to a bill, a conference committee will be appointed to resolve the differences. Then both chambers would have to vote… Read More »

Not all feminists are pro-choice

I am the mother of a 5-month-old girl. I have struggled to ask myself, how will I tell her that, until she was born, her value depended only on whether I wanted her or not? That if her existence in any way conflicted with my vision or plans for my own life, she was disposable.… Read More »

A Space in Time: Living simply, living lean

By AMY SIMONE There is a closet makeover that encourages people to have no more than 30 items in their closet, which makes me think please don’t let that number include socks and underwear! Bumper stickers tout the phrase “Live simply so others may simply live.” It’s a movement towards leaner, simpler living, and it’s… Read More »

Help is Here: May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Help is Here: May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

By MARTIE MAJOROS You may have heard something about National Mental Health Awareness Month, but you didn’t give it much thought. This month, we encourage you to set aside time to think about your own mental health. We aren’t referring to chronic mental health disorders but rather to some of the more common forms of… Read More »

In Musing: Pieces of light – a reflection

By CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY As Mother’s Day approaches, I look, once again, in two directions. In front of me, I see my grown daughter, while easily conjuring her as a child with an impish smile, wispy hair and a vocabulary that kept me on my toes. Looking behind, in my mind’s eye, I see my… Read More »

Reproductive Rights are Civil Rights

ELIZABETH DEUTSCH Elizabeth Deutsch, RN is the Director of NYS and New England Community Mobilization Housing Works and a resident of Hinesburg. As a mother and a nurse, I am able to say that every pregnancy is unique, and every person’s circumstance is different. We all deserve access to health care based on our medical… Read More »

A Vermonter in a Vermont Home

JAN DEMERS She is a native Vermonter with roots tracing back to the journeys of Samuel De Champlain in 1609. This 68-year-old artist is a seventh generation Vermonter who bought an abandoned house in 1974 to make it her home. The house is small even with an addition. Built in 1850, it protected the families… Read More »