Towards a better Bottle Bill

by Rep. Mike Yantachka Back in 1971 there was a lot of concern about littering Vermont’s highways and byways. A major component of the litter was discarded beverage bottles that were tossed from moving cars. Governor Deane C. Davis and the legislature addressed the problem by passing the “Bottle Bill” in 1972 which established a… Read More »

Communities need high-quality childcare — Jenn Baudreau

When communities invest in high-quality, affordable childcare, everyone benefits. Children benefit because they receive the nurturing and care that’s so vitally important for their brain development and growth. Parents benefit because they’re able to continue investing in their careers and providing financial support for their families. Childcare workers benefit because they’re paid a living wage.… Read More »

The long and short of legislating

The long and short of legislating

Hundreds of bills are introduced in the Vermont House each year.  Some are very long bills that create new laws or make major modifications to existing law.  A major rewrite of the liquor control laws that were first enacted in 1934 was recently undertaken by the General, Housing & Military Affairs Committee. All of the… Read More »

Vote Veronica Estey for Hinesburg Selectboard — Diane Barber

Veronica Estey has called Hinesburg her home for the last 34 years. She and her husband David, thinking about the future of our community, developed the Fire House Plaza and established a large-scale hardware store serving our community. During Veronica’s time living in Hinesburg, she has been involved with many organizations and committees, including The… Read More »

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