Letters to the Editor

Engaging Vermont kids in and out of the classroom The end of summer and the beginning of another school year is an important milestone in the life of each child. For many Vermont kids, this summer was likely a time of rich experience and opportunity, with travel to a new place, quality time with family… Read More »

Social workers have challenging, unappreciated jobs

Social workers have challenging, unappreciated jobs Dear editor, Recent tragic events in Barre and Berlin, have prompted community wide discussion about the role of social workers who work for the Vermont Department for Children and Families. These conversations and tragic events have prompted me to write this letter to my fellow community members. DCF social workers have… Read More »

Letters to the Editor

Vermont’s new climate agreements will boost our battle against climate disruption When Vermonters see a problem, we work to fix it. That is why earlier this year Vermont signed onto two historic climate agreements which will strengthen our state’s resolve to combat carbon pollution and transition to a new clean energy economy. In April, Governor… Read More »

Letters to the Editor

Technology, friend or foe to Vermont’s children and families I think most of us understand that technology devices and the internet are here to stay. They are part of all of our lives whether in our doctor’s offices with online medical records or the many ways we use smart phones, laptops, work place computers, on-line… Read More »

Pensions and fossil fuels

Recently there has been a push for the Vermont Treasurer and the Vermont Pension Investment Committee (VPIC) to divest itself of its fossil fuel holdings. While I believe most Vermonters support our state’s move away from its dependence on such fuel sources and embrace a clean energy portfolio, divestiture is not a prudent fiscal strategy… Read More »

Soccer Goals Stolen

Sometime around the second week of May, shortly after the nets were installed, two portable soccer goals disappeared from the Town Hall soccer field. The goals are six feet high and eight feet wide (two feet thick). It’s hard to believe these could have been taken without someone noticing a truck being loaded with them,… Read More »

CSWD new cost to you

$5.46. That’s about how much the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) would charge your household if you were to bring all the recyclables you generate in an entire year to our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Williston, once the July 1 fee increase goes into effect. The MRF is where we process recyclables that trash… Read More »

Compost sale appreciation

Excellent sale this year! Huge thanks go to Steven Wisbaum from Champlain Valley Compost Co., who supplied 10 cubic yards of his Charlotte “black gold,” and to all of the people who supported Charlotte Central School and their gardens by purchasing the compost. Even with a greater quantity of compost for sale, we had to… Read More »

Charlotte paramedic under attack: Demand fair treatment for Stewie

The Charlotte Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services (CVFRS) Corporate Board abruptly decided to remove Charlotte Rescue Paramedic David “Stewie” Stewart at an emergency meeting held at the Charlotte Senior Center on Saturday, April 30. The meeting had been called in order to address an unrelated issue concerning the resignation of the newly appointed Rescue Director.… Read More »

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