Vermont Gas compensation should belong to all residents — Lenore F. Budd

See the VCAM video of the meeting at starting at 1 hour 26 minutes. However, audience members implored the Selectboard to follow a more deliberate and inclusive process for deciding how the money should be spent, so a vote was put off. The next day Hinesburg town commissions and committees were alerted by town… Read More »

Future of Hinesburg — Diane Barber

To those Hinesburg residents quickly grabbing their absentee ballots so that they can hurry and perform their civil responsibilities as fast as possible, please consider the following: this will most likely be one of the most important Selectboard elections for a long time. Unlike most elections where the incumbents run unopposed, there are two very different… Read More »

Andrea and Merrily for Hinesburg Selectboard — Maggie Gordon

I am writing in support of Andrea Morgante for the two-year term and Merrily Lovell for the three-year term on the Hinesburg Selectboard. Both women bring optimism and energy to the board, both are experienced in collaborative decision-making, and both are committed to an open system that invites input from residents and committees throughout the… Read More »

Supporting Morgante and Lovell for Selectboard Seats — Howard (“Howdy”) Russell

I would like to encourage friends and neighbors to join me in supporting Andrea Morgante (two-year term) and Merrily Lovell (three-year term) for election to the Selectboard. I served for six years on the Selectboard alongside Andrea and was always impressed by her vision, astute questioning, and commitment to the future of our beautiful town.… Read More »

Yantachka endorses Zimmerman for Charlotte Selectboard — Mike Yantachka

I’m writing to endorse Seth Zimmerman for Selectboard. Seth has already given many years to our community in public service. As a Scout leader for 14 years, he has been instrumental in helping our young men develop character traits of integrity, self-sufficiency, civic-mindedness, patriotism, and empathy. He has been involved in the mentoring program at… Read More »

Excerpts from letters to the editors of The Citizen and The Hinesburg Record in support of Andrea Morgante and Merrily Lovell — Jim Ross

We are indeed fortunate to live in Hinesburg, a safe, vibrant, family-oriented community. A community that values a variety of housing, business, cultural, and recreational opportunities. We are also fortunate to have two very talented women, Andrea Morgante and Merrily Lovell, willing to serve our community as members of the Selectboard and running for election… Read More »

Support re-election of Michael Bissonette Hinesburg Selectboard — Marilyn Driscoll Crimmins

As a fellow resident of Hinesburg, I have known Michael all my life. He is a fifth-generation resident of Hinesburg whose family over many generations has contributed to the positive growth and success of this town. He and his family continue to be active participants in that mission. Michael believes that Hinesburg has and will… Read More »

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