Vermonters sound off on energy costs, efficiency — Karen Glitman

Energy eats up a large portion of Vermonters’ monthly expenses. That’s one thing we heard from Vermonters we met during Efficiency Vermont’s statewide tour this fall. In addition to these in-person conversations and live polling, Efficiency Vermont gathered input online   to help identify the most pressing energy issues facing Vermonters. Of the people who attended… Read More »

Our Kids

By Rookie Manning It’s not about the guns…their ugly add-ons, “Silencers,” “bump stocks” be damned. Nor about the bombs…made right here, Or built upon foreign soil. It’s not about the bullies…be they six feet tall, Running loose on life’s rogue playgrounds. It’s not about the news, its left or right sources, Be they factual or… Read More »

Shattering some glass — Ruth Hardy

A year ago this week, our country elected a misogynist, sexual predator as president. Over these past 12 months, I’ve heard countless stories from women about the emotional landslide they underwent Nov. 7-9, 2016 — from exuberant anticipation to electoral shock to depressed misery. Many of us felt betrayed. For Democratic women in Vermont, the… Read More »

Hunting hearts and minds

Writers love conflict, and so we often put religion and science in a small pen and make them fight, our readers standing around with fistfuls of dollars cheering one or the other on. Retrying the Scopes Monkey Trial over and over again gets boring, though. Especially when there are so many more interesting faith vs.… Read More »

A sweet legacy for Vermont’s King of Maple

January 1984. The King of Pop had the number one song and the King of Maple was just beginning his career at the Vermont Agency of Agriculture. Henry Marckres began inspecting products like apples, potatoes and strawberries, and let’s not forget eggs. To become a certified egg grader, the training meant candling 5,000 eggs per day for… Read More »

Collection for winter wear drive at A Little Something — Deidre Senior and Laura Hall

With cooler weather finally settling in after a balmy September, it’s time to pull out the fleece, winter coats, hats, mitts, and other winter garb. Winter is long enough – hard to imagine how awful it would be if you were cold because you didn’t have adequate clothing. A Little Something, located in the Shelburne… Read More »