Sen. Benning: A better way for contract resolutions

Sen. Benning: A better way for contract resolutions

In the 1980s then-state Sen. Jeb Spaulding introduced and pushed hard for an alternative contract resolution process to avoid the need for teacher strikes or school board contract imposition. Anyone who has personally witnessed what contract imposition and strikes do to communities, teachers, and families knows they are not momentary inconveniences. They bring long-lasting scars… Read More »

Stop these partisan games with voting system

Why are conservatives — even in Vermont — so intent on undermining so many Americans’ ability to vote by continually parroting false, nonexistent claims of voter fraud? Why, indeed. Right-wing individuals and groups, such as Vermont’s Ethan Allen Institute, continue to trot out fear-mongering tactics to cast suspicion on Vermont’s long record of conducting fair… Read More »

State must face up to failures in EB-5 scandal

Editorial Gov. Phil Scott should appoint a special prosecutor for the EB-5 fraud in the Northeast Kingdom involving Jay Peak and projects in Newport. Federal investigators and the court system are already going after the owners/developer at Jay Peak, but the Vermont Attorney General’s Office argues that the state government — which was complicit in… Read More »

If you can only remember one thing

If you can only remember one thing

News from the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity by Jan Demers There is a certain way I begin with all new staff at the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity where we work with people with low incomes. My first words go something like this: “I know that you will be laser-focused on learning… Read More »

Moore responds: Vermont is not wavering on clean water

Op-Ed by Julie Moore Despite the Scott administration’s commitment to restoring Vermont’s waterways and funding clean water initiatives, recent news stories have contained inaccurate information and given the false impression that we’re decelerating our efforts.  This is simply not the case. The Agency of Natural Resources and its partners engaged in this work –  other… Read More »

Sanders invites students to college fairs

Op-Ed by Sen. Bernie Sanders I would like to invite Vermont high school students and their families to join me at two College Fairs on Saturday at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, and on Oct. 14 at Castleton University in Castleton. Vermont colleges, universities, and certificate and apprenticeship programs will be on hand to describe the excellent… Read More »

Delaying lake cleanup would be a big mistake

Op-Ed By Senator Anthony Pollina The Scott administration is making a big mistake if it puts off spending on efforts to clean up Lake Champlain and other waterways, as proposed by the secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources. The administration plan to do less will actually cost us more. Delaying action will drive up… Read More »