Voting for Aaron Kimball and Keith Roberts

We will be voting for incumbent Aaron Kimball and former school board member Keith Roberts for the Hinesburg Selectboard. While Keith would be a newcomer to the selectboard, both candidates have the experience necessary to balance our large list of needs and wants with our limited financial and staff resources. Aaron and Keith listen to… Read More »

More than the blues – many layers to depression and its treatment

More than the blues – many layers to depression and its treatment

By Dr. JOSEPH LASEK, MD Everyone experiences sadness, which is a normal and healthy reaction to stressful life events.  However, in any given year, nearly a quarter of all adults experience some form of depression. When does ordinary sadness become concerning? When does it require professional attention? Depression is a persistent, disabling state during which… Read More »

Respect, protect and support our elders

By Vt. Attorney General T. J. DONOVAN Just as young parents rightly prioritize the health and well-being of our children, at mid-life we also begin thinking more about the health and well-being of our own parents. By 2030, Vermont will be one of the oldest states – if not the oldest state – in the… Read More »

School district mishandled media access to flag-raising

By TOM KEARNEY Vermont Community Newspaper Group South Burlington school officials botched what should have been a notable exercise of free expression — raising a Black Lives Matter flag at South Burlington High School on Feb. 1, in conjunction with Black History Month. It was the ceremony they didn’t want anybody to see, at least… Read More »

Are you my Valentine?

By CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY The middle of February has a giant sore thumb called Valentine’s Day. Perhaps, since it’s the shortest month, it has a Napoleonic complex and makes up for it with a mammoth Hallmark- appropriated holiday. One that screams love while poking at our inside organs of guilt and insecurity. Shop for a… Read More »

Examining the governor’s budget

By REP. MIKE YANTACHKA Democracy can be messy.  With three co-equal branches of government, no one branch can dictate policy unilaterally. Divided government requires a lot of negotiation and compromise under the best of circumstances. Our current national government is divided based on deep ideological differences, however, and this has resulted in a literal breakdown… Read More »

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