A mountain of trash grows at Vermont’s lone landfill

By BETH BARNES Measuring 124 feet and 11 stories high, Decker Towers in Burlington is the tallest building in the entire state of Vermont, according to Wikipedia. Measuring 5 feet 4 inches tall, I am the tallest person in my household, but — full disclosure — my household consists of me and two cats! The… Read More »

Hinesburg’s Lot 15 debate should spark bigger discussion:‘Vibrant small-town culture,’ unique identity is what brings families to town

By NATHAN FRY The Vermont Folklife Center this week launched its podcast, “VT Untapped,” combining archival material and content from the center’s ongoing ethnographic research to tell unique stories about Vermonters from all walks of life. The podcast is available for download on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, and VFC’s website. Listen to the first… Read More »

A night out for Bissonette Recreation Area

To the Editor: Tickets are now on sale for the sixth annual fundraiser for the multi-purpose fields in Hinesburg. This local party takes place on Friday, Jan. 4, at the Old Lantern in Charlotte. You can purchase your tickets online by going to hinesburgrec.com, at the Rec office at the Hinesburg Town Hall, from Kristy at… Read More »

McClaughry: Climate change debatable

By JOHN MCCLAUGHRY Last month, the U.S. government’s Global Climate Research Program delivered a congressionally mandated National Climate Assessment report. “Grim” is too weak an adjective for the terrors that the report describes. Here’s an attempt to summarize the document: The earth is steadily getting hotter. “Human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases, are the… Read More »

Sandra Levine: Picking up the pace on climate action

By SANDRA LEVINE Climate change is the biggest environmental and public health challenge of our generation. And fighting it just got tougher. Since 1990, climate-damaging emissions have increased 16 percent in Vermont. On top of that, the most recent report by more than 90 of the top climate scientists from 40 countries shows that the… Read More »

Develop Lot 1 ahead of Lot 15

To the Editor: Recently in The Citizen there was an article about the meeting Responsible Growth Hinesburg held at Carpenter Carse about Lot 15. In it, the author states, “The citizen group wants to persuade town officials that a majority of townspeople want a space in the village for gatherings and recreation.” Wayne Maceyka, a… Read More »

Support for Hannaford supermarket

To the Editor: I would like to add my voice in support of Dawn Francis’ recent post to the Front Porch Forum opposing the idea of future public facilities for Lot 15. I believe everything Dawn wrote. As a 25-plus year resident of Hinesburg, I want to see Hannaford build on Lot 15. Although I… Read More »

Working with applicant could mean public use and grocery store

To the Editor: As Hinesburg contemplates acquiring Lot 15 in Commerce Park by eminent domain for public facilities, as well as whether the commercial development potential should be restricted by the Official Map, I recommend that we: • Prioritize our limited resources • Enable the highest and best use on Lot 15 • Accept Hannaford’s proposal for… Read More »

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