Rep. Lippert, ‘Hinesburg’s champion’ deserves re-election

To the Editor: I am writing in support of Rep. Bill Lippert’s re-election to the Vermont House of Representatives.   Rep. Lippert has been Hinesburg’s champion for many years as well as a guardian for Vermont’s disadvantaged and marginalized citizens. As the long-serving chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Lippert concerned himself with the well-being… Read More »

Former Lt. Gov. Dubie supports Don Turner

To the Editor: The office of lieutenant governor provides an opportunity to build bridges and close partisan divides. Don Turner has demonstrated in the legislature that he treats all people fairly and with respect. Don Turner will make a great lieutenant governor for the people of Vermont. Don Turner has the skills, experience and temperament… Read More »

New gun laws protect domestic violence victims

By KAREN TRONSGARD-SCOTT As summer fades into fall, our focus shifts. We turn from growing our gardens to harvesting them, and from beach time to school bus time. In the world of politics and policies, fall also brings new implementation of laws that were passed during last year’s legislative session. This year, this means good… Read More »

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