In support of expanding the bottle deposit bill — Jeff Phillips

Since the 1970’s, the Bottle Bill has supported Vermont’s best litter prevention and waste reduction program – the bottle redemption system.  Taking reusable items, recycling them and then repurposing the recycled material into the same or different products allows for the reduced use of non-renewable virgin natural resources. In 2018, we may be seeing pressure… Read More »

Thanks to volunteers for Wreaths Across America — Col. A. M. Faxon Jr.

Thanks to volunteers for Wreaths Across America — Col. A. M. Faxon Jr.

The Vermont Veterans’ Home would like to thank their fellow residents of Bennington and the surrounding area for participating in this year’s National Wreaths Across America Day at the Vermont Veterans’ Home. Each December, the event mission of “Remember, Honor and Teach” is continued through a day of wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery in… Read More »

Legislature has opportunity to help Vermont workers next session — By Sen. Debbie Ingram

Op-Ed Today, too many Vermonters work hard and still can’t adequately support their families. During this upcoming legislative session, state leaders have the opportunity to enact two measures that will improve the lives of working people, their families, and our communities. The first measure is to gradually raise the minimum wage from $10 to $15… Read More »

Clean power for clean water

Op-Ed By Julie Moore There’s been a lot of conversation lately around how to fund long-term clean water efforts in Vermont. Having personally worked on waterway clean-up in Vermont for 15 years, I am deeply aware of the long-term nature of the challenges we’re facing. We are a small state with a big task ahead… Read More »

Of drones, schools and grandchildren

Op-Ed By William J. Mathis Just as we were thinking that “The Matrix” and “The Terminator” were science fiction, the evening news shows us a different reality. We are being tracked by our own personal devices. Cameras with facial recognition systems increasingly pervade corridors and are carried by drones. Raising the specter of all seeing… Read More »

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