School district addresses school safety — Elaine Pinckney

At the central office, we are focused on developing a mass communication system, a visitor management system, a universal set of crisis commands, a camera surveillance policy, and a systematic plan for connecting with our community resources. We understand that safety goes beyond the physical, and applies to mental and emotional well-being as well. At… Read More »

Emergency plan checklist from Charlotte Volunteer Fire Department

By Christopher W. Davis It’s important to have emergency plan items on hand. The following checklist contains essential items that should be in everyone’s home. Have essential supplies to last for up to three days: Water Essential medications/prescriptions for at least a week Flashlights/headlamps and spare batteries Solar or battery back-up cell phone charger Non-perishable… Read More »

Op-Ed: We can’t afford another Nikolas Cruz

By Lydia Hill My heart grieves along with the many families and friends of those who died in Florida Feb. 14. Their lives were ripped open. Their loved ones are gone forever. This pain is immense. My heart also aches for Nikolas Cruz. I have never met him and probably never will. I do not… Read More »

Op-Ed: History has outrun the Second Amendment

By Patricia Griffin Today’s opponents to gun control feel their Second Amendment rights have been, and continue to be, eroded. The document had to do with the right for militia to gather and the right for citizens to freely bear arms to thwart any potentially autocratic government. Is citing the Bill of Rights from 223… Read More »

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