Op-Ed — ‘What I learned in high school… last week’

By Sen. Bernie Sanders Last year, more than 60,000 people died from opioid overdoses in the United States. That’s more Americans dying in one year than during the entire 19 years of the Vietnam War. In our small state, 112 Vermonters died from a drug overdose, which is three times as many as died in 2010. And what’s even… Read More »

Op-Ed — We must unite against abuse

Op-Ed — We must unite against abuse

by Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman Public revelations of sexual assault and misconduct against women and children, such as those making headlines over the past few months, are deeply disturbing. How can anyone think such actions are okay? My hope is that we are leaving behind a time of impunity for abusers, who believed their actions… Read More »

Thoughts on coyotes

I enjoyed reading Susie Faber’s recent back page article, “Coyotes Prepare for Winter” (The Citizen, Nov. 22). Her ability to identify with the coyote stealing her plums off the tree shows a humane approach to dealing with the human-wildlife conflicts that are ever more frequent with spreading development and the destruction of fields and forest. Her… Read More »

Ron Krupp: Laying the groundwork for backyard composting

Friend and fellow gardener Fred Schmidt and I have been offering composting workshops to the public at the Tommy Thompson Community Garden at the Intervale in Burlington, under the auspices of the Chittenden Regional Solid Waste District. It won’t be long before we’ll all have to recycle food scraps. There’s already a $1.50 charge for… Read More »

Clean water funding cannot wait

Op-Ed by David Mears Vermonters depend upon clean water for our prosperity and health. Yet when it comes to investing in clean water, the state of Vermont appears headed towards abandoning recent progress and returning to a failed strategy of kicking the can down the road. Based on years of careful research, we now know… Read More »

The curse of instruction manuals

Op-Ed by Bill Schubart When I was young, cursing was frowned on in our family. I was raised a Catholic and it was a mortal sin to take the Lord’s name in vain. But I remember shocking myself one day as I led a pack of Stowe ski friends down the mountain after a 20-inch… Read More »

Vermonters sound off on energy costs, efficiency — Karen Glitman

Energy eats up a large portion of Vermonters’ monthly expenses. That’s one thing we heard from Vermonters we met during Efficiency Vermont’s statewide tour this fall. In addition to these in-person conversations and live polling, Efficiency Vermont gathered input online   to help identify the most pressing energy issues facing Vermonters. Of the people who attended… Read More »

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