Coyotes prepare for winter

Coyotes prepare for winter

Eight years ago, my husband and I planted 128 fruit trees on a hillside, mostly apples, but the back few rows included stone fruits. Our apples began producing with gusto after only a few years. We made gallons of cider and sold bushels of heirloom apples. But the plums have required patience. Their blossoms are… Read More »

Succession: How a forest creates and re-creates itself

Succession: How a forest creates and re-creates itself

A few years ago, I started an observational experiment in forest succession on a couple of acres where we once pastured sheep and goats. Rocky and wet, without livestock it was hard to keep cleared. So, I let the forest recreate itself and just watched the process unfold. It’s a process that has taken place… Read More »

Goldenrod golf balls

Goldenrod golf balls

A few Thanksgivings ago, my then-10-year-old daughter and I went for an afternoon stroll through a power line right-of-way through steeply sloping woods to the Winooski River. As we moved through the tall scrub, Lauren’s interest was drawn to the golf ball-sized swellings on desiccated goldenrod stalks. As usual, she had many really good questions:… Read More »

Rifle deer season starts Saturday

Vermont’s traditionally popular 16-day rifle deer season begins Saturday and runs through Nov. 26. State Fish & Wildlife officials explain that a hunter may take one buck during this season with at least one antler having two or more points one inch or longer. A point must be one inch or longer from base to tip. Spike-antlered deer,… Read More »

Vermont’s Moose hunt preliminary total is 40

The Vermont Fish &Wildlife Department says a preliminary count at the end of October revealed that hunters harvested 40 moose in this year’s regulated hunting seasons. Hunters reported eight moose taken by 18 hunters in the Oct. 1-7 archery season and 32 moose by 70 hunters in the Oct. 21-26 regular season, said Cedric Alexander,… Read More »

Hunting hearts and minds

Writers love conflict, and so we often put religion and science in a small pen and make them fight, our readers standing around with fistfuls of dollars cheering one or the other on. Retrying the Scopes Monkey Trial over and over again gets boring, though. Especially when there are so many more interesting faith vs.… Read More »

Vermont bald eagles, loons nest in record numbers

Vermont’s bald eagle population continued its recovery in 2017. Twenty-one pairs of adult bald eagles successfully produced 35 young in Vermont in 2017, a modern-day record in the state according to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.  The species remains on Vermont’s endangered species list, but another strong year of growth has biologists hopeful for… Read More »

State safety officials remind fall hikers to take care

Vermont State Police and Department of Public Safety would like to remind those heading out onto Vermont’s hiking trails this fall of the ever changing conditions a hiker may encounter this time of year. While trailhead conditions may be warm and mild, higher elevations can present cooler temperatures along with a better view of foliage.… Read More »

Hikes with GM Club for rest of October

The Burlington section of the Green Mountain Club has weekend outings scheduled for October. All events are free and open to the public. For more information visit or contact hike leaders. Oct. 14: Raven Ridge An easy loop hike in the Raven Ridge Natural Area in Monkton. Great views from the ridge, possible wildlife, and… Read More »