Intro to permaculture at Charlotte Library

Many of us are in the final stages of putting our gardens to bed for the winter, although certainly some have been procrastinating because of the mostly mild weather. Or, maybe they’ve been in denial that winter is coming? Happens every year. However, now that most remaining leaves have been torn off the trees by… Read More »

News from the Charlotte Grange

Rummage Sale It’s that time again, time for the annual Fall Rummage Sale at the Charlotte Grange! The sale will open at 9 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 3, and close at 5 p.m. that day. On Friday, all items are individually priced but the prices are very reasonable and the goal is to sell it… Read More »

Happenings at The Grange

TRINA BIANCHI For many years, the Charlotte Grange was an important part of this farming community and membership included entire families. The Grange was not only a place where neighbors shared news, compared notes about their particular farms, discussed issues that affected their lives and talked about possibilities for change both on a state and/or… Read More »

Nardozzi in the house: Popular Vermont gardening expert shares his knowledge at Charlotte Grange Hall

Nardozzi in the house: Popular Vermont gardening expert shares his knowledge at Charlotte Grange Hall

SCOOTER MACMILLAN Staff writer Charlie Nardozzi is as wise, witty and enthralling in person as he sounds on the radio. And his knowledge of gardening is … fertile. Around 35 people packed the downstairs meeting room at the Charlotte Grange on May 15 to reap the gardening tips and horticultural humor that Nardozzi sows. Nardozzi… Read More »

Happening at the Charlotte Grange

Happening at the Charlotte Grange

TRINA BIANCHI For years the Charlotte Grange Hall has sat rather stately but dormant at 2858 Spear Street in the East Charlotte Village. Last fall, the membership voted to keep the hall open over the winter and to host at least one event a month throughout the fall and winter. With the enthusiasm and help… Read More »

East Village District discussion continued

BY SCOOTER MACMILLAN Staff Reporter How much development the Charlotte Planning Commission will recommend for Clark Hinsdale’s property off Hinesburg Road will continue to be discussed until at least June 6. The planning commission voted unanimously at a meeting Thursday to continue discussion regarding the property at 1824 Hinesburg Road to the first regularly scheduled… Read More »