In Musing: Turn, turn, turn – as autumn falls

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY As I look out my window and watch September turn into October, there is nary a red leaf in sight. One tree, among hundreds in my view, is burnished into a rusty orange, a bellwether beckoning others to follow, which they will, one by one, until entire woodlots are ablaze. I am… Read More »

In Musing: In the dirt – Dreams of gardening

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY Once upon a time, I wanted to be a gardener. Tending rows of vegetables bursting off the vine and basking over beds of hydrangea, these were the stuff of dreams back when I thought chlamydia was a plant. I envisioned growing all my own vegetables, spending sunny days in the backyard, plotting… Read More »

In Musing: After Midnight – what pets bring to our lives

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY Midnight passed. He was the eldest dog in the neighborhood. The sage, the one who’d amble down the lane for his daily walk, deliberately, with a kind of elder regality. My neighbor, Jane, Midnight’s mom, is crestfallen. You see, he was her constant companion, not just in the everyday rituals of dog… Read More »

In Musing: Her name is Diana

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY “In-laws.” Ever notice how terribly close the word is to “outlaw?” Merriam Webster says it was first used in 1894, the same year as “bread-mold” and “hangover.” But alas, the denigration of in-laws seems to center around mothers. Whether Henny Youngman one-liners like, “Just got back from a pleasure trip; I took… Read More »

In Musing: Calling Pollyanna – insult or honor?

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY I have been called a Pollyanna more than once in my life. Alright, truth is, the moniker may have been tossed my way over a thousand times by now. Each and every one of those times, it rankles me to the core. It’s like being told I’m loud, when clearly, people, I’m… Read More »

In Musing: The wisdom of foolish folly

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY I played a fool once. Professionally. To be fair, I have plenty of amateur experience as well. Thus, I feel foolish enough to expound on April Fools’ Day, a day possibly inspired by Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales.” It could also derive from the ancient festival of Hilaria, a feast the Romans took from… Read More »