Black Lives Matter flag will fly: CVSD Board approves student-led request by vote of 11-1

By SCOOTER MACMILLAN Staff Reporter The Black Lives Matter flag will fly at Champlain Valley Union High School. The Champlain Valley School District School Board voted 11-1 in favor of flying the flag Monday night with Russ Caffry of Shelburne casting the lone dissenting vote. After extensive discussion, board member Dave Connery made the motion… Read More »

Talking tolerance: Taking the race conversation beyond CVU

By MADELINE HUGHES Staff Reporter Race and privilege have been at the forefront of Champlain Valley School District’s thoughts. This year, students created the Racial Alliance Committee, which meets in the library on Wednesday mornings. At the past few school board meetings, students from the committee have asked the board to allow the group to… Read More »

Talking tolerance: The book is open, start turning pages

Talking tolerance: The book is open, start turning pages

By MADELINE HUGHES Staff Reporter Christel Tonoki stood in the Champlain Valley Union High School gymnasium in front of 1,300 of her fellow students last week, gathered for a school-wide assembly for Black History month. A few dozen students stood with Tonoki as she told her story, how during her freshman year she  created a… Read More »

Racial inclusion takes center stage at CVU

BY SCOOTER MACMILLAN Staff Writer Inclusion, exclusion, and how to make every student feel safe and embraced by Champlain Valley Union Schools dominated the discussion at the school board meeting Tuesday night. Roughly 10 parents and students were on hand to share their concerns with the school board about racial inclusion. Black Lives Matter flag… Read More »